The Ballet is Fun App!

The Ballet is Fun app lets you take your ballet lessons with you wherever you go. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can always access our videos and training programs!

Available in the App Store!

Ballet is Fun was initially developed as an interactive ballet video dictionary and instruction tool. It has now become a mobile app! Designed with the needs of both students and teachers in mind, Ballet is Fun contains practice notebooks, audio reinforcement, and a number of other tools to help you become a master ballet dancer! Since its release, Ballet is Fun has been used by dancers all over the world to help them improve their form and technique. It has become one of the leading interactive ballet training programs on the market. The Ballet is Fun mobile app lets you take your videos and lessons with you wherever you go! Click here to download our iPhone and iPad app! Ballet is Fun provides more than just instructional tools, however. We've also designed the TurnBoard, a tool designed to help young dancers become more confident and master the art of turning. Click here to learn more about our famous TurnBoard!